by Cassie Brewer

Be proud to wear the color that you call your own
— Cheena Mae Oralde

Loving and accepting yourself--your skintone, desires, idiosyncrasies, body type, and facial features--is an important part of life’s journey. And in a small way, this guide should help you!

Yes, we’re talking about how to determine your skin tone! The process is fun and easy!

Who doesn’t like discovering and celebrating their own uniqueness? 

Plus, once you’ve found and embraced your true skin tone, you’re armed with an important tool: knowledge of color! 

Dressing and applying makeup for your skintone is like painting with a palette designed especially for you! Skin-tone awareness allows you to get creative with the way you present yourself, and it enables you to highlight your best features. Okay… so snap a quick selfie for good measure, and let’s get started!


Here’s a great test: hold a plain white piece of paper next to your face! Now take note of your skin’s undertones. If you observe mostly yellow tones, then you’re “warm.” If you notice more pink tones instead, then you’re “cool.” See? Wasn’t that easy? If you’re still unsure, try this test instead.

Stand outside in the sunlight.  If your veins look green you’re warm. If they look blue,
you’re cool. 


Next, Check Your Contrast

This part is simple. And it will help you to determine which “season” you are. Skintone is sometimes labeled by seasons. This is especially true of fashion. (If you’ve ever heard anyone say, “You’re a winter. This color suits you,” that’s what they mean.) 

Take a gaze at your reflection in the mirror. 


Clear Contrast v. Muted Contrast

This means that there is a distinct difference between your skin tone and eye color/hair color. If there is little contrast between your skin tone, eyes, and hair (say a blonde a similar honey skin tone) than your contrast is muted.


Skin Temperature Plus Contrast = Season

So check this out! Here’s your definitive season guide:

● Warm plus high contrast: You’re a Spring! You look great in pastels like yellow,
light pink, and a light olive! Try to avoid dark colors with strong contrast.

 ● Warm plus low contrast: You’re an Autumn! Rich earth tones look fantastic on you!
Avoid clear, bright colors.

● Cool plus high contrast: You’re a winter! You look great in jewel tones and dramatic hues.
Avoid beige and washed out colors.

● Cool plus low contrast: You’re a summer! Pastels and neutrals are very flattering.
Avoid harsh, dramatic colors like black and orange. 

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. If you really love wearing black but you’re a Spring, do you, honey! Wear what makes you happy. 


Bridal Beauty and Color

This guide can be particularly handy when picking out colors for your wedding. Chances are you want to look as lovely as possible. And your pictures will last you a lifetime. Therefore, consider picking out bridesmaids dresses and flowers in colors that complement your skin tone “season.” You’ll be creating a flattering backdrop for yourself.  


What do you think?

Do you dress for skin tone and season? Leave your comments in the space below!