Your trial should ideally be scheduled eight to twelve weeks before your wedding. By this time, most of the details of your wedding will be finalised, and you will have your jewelry, veil and other accessories. Within this timing, you will be less likely to change your mind about the look between the trial and the wedding.

Scheduling a trial during the same season as your wedding (winter, spring, summer etc.) will help us analyze your needs. Skin that is dry in the winter might be oily in the summer and lead us to use different products. 

We also tend to favor heavier, darker makeup in the winter, and lighter, fresher makeup in the summer months. Hair also behaves differently in different seasons; a look that might be a great idea in the winter might not work as well in the summer.

A great time for scheduling your trial can be right before your dress fitting. This enables you to see how the makeup and hair look with your dress. Alternatively, you can book the trail on the day of your engagement shoot to see how the makeup and hair photograph.




We generally do all trials at our studio in Center City Philadelphia
at 1118 Pine Street, Philadelphia 19107.

The trial requires 90 minutes for makeup alone
or 2 ½ hours for makeup and hair.




Wear something comfortable that matches the color of the dress you’ll be wearing.

Bring all of your accessories such as jewelry and veil to the trial. These will help you envision the whole look.

We strongly encourage browsing online (Pinterest is often useful), as well as in fashion and bridal magazines to discover and gather the makeup and hair looks that appeal to you most. Ask yourself what you like about the images and what draws you towards certain looks: the eyes, lips, skin, or general feel. Choose images where the models are similar to you in terms of face and eye shape, skin tone and hair color. Certain looks can be amazing on pale skin and others on olive skin, and a similar logic applies to hair color. In general, you want to work with your natural beauty, not against it. When we meet for your makeup and hair trial, we will look at the images you’ve collected and discuss them with you.


Some people will look at a photo and see mostly dramatic eye makeup,while others will focus on the glowing skin. The key is to arrive at a common vision of the look you want to create. If you aren’t sure about what this should be, we can give you suggestions and figure out together what would work best for you and the style of your wedding look.

We all have extensive experience working with different media – from photography and videography to film, so you can be assured you are in good hands. While your bridal look needs to be a bit more polished and enhanced from the everyday look, it is a myth that you need very heavy makeup for it to show on photos, as most wedding photographers now use natural light, or at most a flash (which is never directed at the subjects). In other words, soft, glowy makeup is completely fine. It is also okay to have “dewy” makeup on your wedding day; no need for a full-face matte look.

You will definitely need a pop of color, be it lipstick, gloss and/or blush to make your look more vibrant (some of us might look a little washed out in white or ivory.)




Please arrive with your hair washed and dried. Please, bring images of hairstyles you are considering with you to the trial. If your hair is thin or short, you might consider clip-in extensions to help add volume and/or length. Even if you are considering a bun, extensions can help to make it look fuller. If you are interested in using clip-in extensions, please purchase them in advance and have them with you.


(You can find them at beauty supply stores - look for real hair clip-in extensions.)We offer bonded extensions, which are attached to your hair through a protein bond and which last about three to four months. We also do hair-smoothing keratin treatments, and can help you with your waxing needs. All of the above can help you to achieve the look you are going for. Please inquire about these services.



Each makeup application and hairstyle we do is individualized to your style and needs. We use techniques such as contouring, brow fill-in and airbrush on all of our clients, however, all shade and finishes are customized just for you. We also suggest that you do your facial waxing/tweezing/threading before your preview and few days before wedding day. 

In preparing for your wedding, it is important to make sure you take exceptional care of your skin in the months leading up to the big day.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid over-exposure to the sun (including tanning booths.) Follow a good skin care regime diligently, and, if possible, have facials done monthly. For additional tips on skin care visit our blog:


or ask us directly about recommendations on products and local spas. A healthy moisturized skin will help you achieve your goal of flawless glowing makeup.

If you are a regular user of anti-acne or retinol-based products, I recommend lowering the frequency of applications to a few times a week and focus on deep moisturizing instead. We would much rather cover a pimple or two than have to deal with dry, flakey skin.